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EMG featured on Performance Today and Harmonia

August 27, 2009

Hear Piffaro on National Public Radio’s Performance Today!

On Friday, August 28th, Performance Today will broadcast Piffaro’s performance of Robert Parsons’ The Song called Trumpets from their concert at the Early Music Guild of Seattle on February 28th, 2009.

American Public Media’s Performance Today is broadcast on 245 public radio stations across the country and is heard by about 1.2 million people each week.  Each station individually decides what time to air the program.  To find out where and when Performance Today is broadcast in your area, please visit

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EMG featured on Harmonia website and podcasts!

Bernard Gordillo, a fine harpsichordist who many members of the EMG community heard on our First Tuesdays series last fall, also produces and provides content for the nationally-syndicated early music radio show, Harmonia. 

 Harmonia has just finished a major redesign of their website and it is a veritable feast for the eyes, ears and mind.  Please visit their website here

On his last trip to Seattle, Bernard collected EMG recordings and created an excellent podcast with music and commentary about Early Music Guild and our concerts and programs.  For a direct link to that podcast, go here.  

Also, check out his recent blog post, where Harmonia is promoting our upcoming season along with other major early music presenters around the US.

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