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Required Reading: Me, my cello, and Bach by Jaap ter Linden

September 29, 2010

Every time I go on stage to play Bach, the suites, I go through a little ritual before playing the first note. We are three, there, on stage – Jaap, the cello, and as a big umbrella over the two of us, Bach. The ritual involves awareness of myself, of the instrument, of my relation to it, and of The Great Man Himself whose presence I feel very clearly at that moment. . . .

Focusing on the cello suites there are two worlds, the ‘inner’ and the ‘outer’. The inner Bach is an absolute, untouchable. Like a mountain – timeless, strong and pure. Descending we encounter grass, trees, insects, cows, flowers, people, relationships. And we are in the world of the outer Bach, inescapable when we want to play the suites. Two manifestations of beauty: my ‘inner’ Bach – the mountain, mathematics, a building; my ‘outer’ Bach – my mortal inadequate self. While being deeply aware of my human condition I always try to keep the mountain in sight, the mountain deserves it. . . .

For more thoughts of an extraordinary artist, click here for Jaap ter Linden’s full program notes to his October 9th concert at Town Hall.

Watch a video on the EMG YouTube page by clicking here.

Ticket information:

Saturday, October 9, 8PM : Jaap ter Linden performs Bach Cello Suites 2, 4, and 5.

$40 General Admission/$35 Senior (65+)/$25 Side Sections/$15 Under 25

Sunday, October 10, 1PM : Jaap ter Linden’s Baroque Cello Masterclass

$10 General Admission/$5 Senior (65+)/$5 Student

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