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Community Collegia

EMG is committed to providing the large community of enthusiastic and talented amateur and semi-professional musicians interested in learning more about historical performance.  These ensembles provide an opportunity to study and perform early music.  Get involved today!

Continuo Ensemble:  Lutes, Harps and Singers with a 17th-century music focus

The Continuo Ensemble, a community early music collegium sponsored by the Early Music Guild, was established for the study and performance of seventeenth-century song and instrumental music. Directed by Gus Denhard and Bill McJohn. No audition required.  Call (206)-325-7066 or email for more information.

The New Baroque Orchestra: 17th-  and 18th-century music for strings and winds 

Ingrid Matthews of Seattle Baroque directs this community baroque orchestra. Period instruments preferred, but modern violins, violas, and celli welcome! Learn about baroque instrumental style from a master performer and director. No audition required.  Call (206)-325-7066 or email for more information.

Sine Nomine: a mixed-voice chamber choir

Hear Sine Nomine’s program: The Two O’s: Ockeghem and Obrecht on Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 7:30PM at Trinity Parish Church, 609 Eighth Ave, Seattle. 

Sine Nomine is a Community Collegium program under the direction of the Early Music Guild.  Founded in 2008, Sine Nomine is a mixed-voice chamber choir specializing in the fine performance of early music, including both sacred and secular music from all regions.   Sine Nomine’s director is the noted Seattle conductor and tenor, Gary D. Cannon.  Last fall marked their debut performance, of Elizabethan sacred and secular music.  For more information about Sine Nomine, or to be placed on the mailing list, or to request an audition, please contact  More information about Gary D. Cannon is available at his website,

Loud Band

Call (206)-325-7066 or email for more information.

Cornett and Sackbut Ensemble

The newest ensemble of EMG’s Community Collegium program is exclusively for the early brass instruments, cornetto and sackbut.  Coached by early brass specialist, Kris Kwapis, the ensemble focusses primarily on vocal works in their original facsimile printed editions.  Call (206)-325-7066 or email for more information.

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